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28" electric spreader, Eforce S49-SL3

by Genesis
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Item No.:100-2061-D

The S49-SL3 is a medium-sized spreader. Blade spacing is 28 inches. The new design of the spreader has enabled us to lighten the tool while still allowing it to be very powerful.

The power

Get the durability, autonomy and power you need for the toughest extrication jobs. Managed by Milwaukee's exclusive REDLINK intelligence, the battery features overload protection to prevent damage to your cordless power tools in tough situations, while discharge protection prevents cell damage. Temperature management and individual cell monitoring maximize battery life.

New Smart Swap system for greater flexibility

The new generation of Genesis knives, spreaders and combination tools can be converted at any time to eForce battery-powered devices and vice versa, thanks to a new Smart Swap system. This means greater decision-making flexibility. The conversion must be carried out by a certified Genesis service technician.

More speed thanks to smart valve technology

Just as in motor racing, a rescue tool has to be fast. Speed wins races and, when it comes to extrication, saves lives. The new Smart Valve technology increases cutting and deployment speed. This technology reduces cutting time.


  • Length (mm/in.): 982/38.7
  • Width (mm/in.): 282/11.1
  • Height (mm/in.): 241/9.5
  • Weight (kg/lbs): 20.7/45.6
  • Spreading width (mm/in.): 735/28.9
  • Pulling distance (mm/in.): 558/22
  • Ingress protection rating: IP54
  • Maximum spreading force (kN/lbf): 76/17.10
  • Lowest spreading force (kN/lbf) :
  • Highest pulling force (kN/lbf) :
  • Lowest pulling force (kN/lbf): 30/6.75
  • Nominal pressure (bar/psi): 700/10,000

Condition: Excellent condition