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G1 SCBA fully equipped with thermal camera, 4,500 PSI

by MSA
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Item No.: 400-0241

The G1 SCBA is the most advanced, comfortable, intelligent, well-balanced, best-configured and most customized MSA has produced to date. This product is also available with an integrated thermal imaging camera and is highly customizable.

  • Protection against cross-contamination
  • Control display
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Facial TLF indicator lights
  • Electronic communication
  • Ergonomic
  • Central power supply (1 single battery, rechargeable or not)
  • Threaded or Quick-Connect connection
  • 15-year warranty
  • 100% compatible with MSA's connected platform (CFF)
  • etc.

Complete model configuration :

  • Model: A-G1FS-442MA2C2LER
  • 4500 PSI
  • CGA cylinder connection
  • Quick-connect remote connection
  • Buddy system
  • Standard harness with chest strap
  • Metal strap bottle holder
  • Adjustable lumbar cushion
  • Regulator with hard-cover left-hand base
  • Regulator hose and continuous air connection
  • Communication module on left chest
  • Distress, heat and motion alarms
  • Telemetry
  • Integrated thermal imaging camera
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Wider field of vision
  • No electronic components, so lighter and less costly
  • Lightweight, compact and comfortable
  • Device to prevent cross-contamination
  • Easy to use, with low breathing resistance to air, plugged in or not

Control display

  • Two types of display (color ECL and analog)
  • Easy-to-understand icons at a glance
  • Display lights up automatically when control module is lifted into reading position
  • Large characters make the display easy to read
  • More data and functions than ever before
  • No matter which button you press, the information you need appears first


  • External warning lights visible from 360 degrees (4 lights on backplate, 2 on control module)
  • Illuminated regulator
  • Reflective shoulder and bottle straps
  • Photoluminescent bottle markings
  • Demonstrates remaining bottle pressure, measured in 4 increments represented by colored LEDs
  • Clear, simple interpretation and understanding
  • Electronic color display, configurable
  • Back-up options: air level alarm, universal back-up connection, buddy system


  • Clear, powerful communication
  • No air-breathing noise
  • Integrated voice amplification system


  • MSA's G1 SCBA is the only model on the market that allows harness customization to maximize comfort, balance and fit.
  • Adjustable, cushioned and pivoting lumbar support band manages the APRIA's weight distribution.
  • Improved comfort, balance and fit


  • One centralized power source for all electronic components
  • Operates on either alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Service life: 10 years


  • Threaded or direct Quick-Connect connection, evolutionary design
  • Quick connection and replacement for immediate return to the scene of the incident

Thermal immersion

  • The complete electronic system of the MSA APRIA G1 far exceeds the requirements of the thermal immersion test; this means that the MSA G1 SCBA will continue to operate and respond to communication calls even if the heat rises significantly.


  • Bluetooth (located in the power module), RFID, near-field communication (NFC), long-duration radio.
  • Cloud hub for data collection

Date of manufacture: 2022

Condition: New