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Body camera kit, DH22

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Item No.:400-0216-D

Body camera kit, DH22

Includes: camera, mini-cam, shoulder harness, USB cord, shoulder clip, power socket, charging base and long Gator clip.

The DH22 body camera is the ideal camera for fire protection and police services; it's discreet, powerful and compact!

This professional camera features the H.265 (HEVC) compression algorithm, which means your camera is capable of compressing video, reducing the size of a Full-HD video by half compared to the previous standard (H.264).

The DH22 also features the latest Ambarella H22 Chipset processor, the best in the camera industry, enabling higher quality video and still images. This processor enables video resolution supporting 4K at 60 Fps (60 frames per second) with H.265 encoding.

The elegant design is perfect for interactions with the public, as it is more discreet but still offers the ability to capture all the data needed to carry out investigations of all kinds. The DH22 camera securely captures and documents events in real time, with SuperFull HD video, audio and GPS location. Data is tamper-proof, but can be viewed in the field on the 2" backlit color display.

The 150° field-of-view lens offers excellent video and photo data capture, with the addition of GPS coordinates (location) and time stamps. The data collected at each scene provides a reliable, unchanged record of every investigation and transaction with the public. Data is password-protected and can only be deleted by authorized personnel. Audio files (statement) can be recorded in an area where the use of a filming device is not permitted.

The DH22 camera can be used as a dashboard camera, offering superior SuperFull HD video, audio, GPS location, direction of travel and speed.

Mini-Cam: Our mini-cam offers the same video and photo quality as our body cameras, but is an extension of the DH22 body camera. The mini-cam plugs into the main camera, allowing the body camera to be placed on a belt while the mini-cam can be located on a lapel, button area, vest, etc. The mini cam always delivers Full HD video with automatic IR. Video can be stopped and started via the mini cam. The mini cam is compatible with all models except the BH190.

Shoulder harness: The DH22 body camera's shoulder harness is a simple attachment and locking system that lets you film hands-free. Easily adjustable and rotatable camera clip.


  • Quick-start recording mode
  • Extreme resolution, high-definition HD (1440p)
  • 150° wide-angle lens
  • Automatic infrared
  • Tape recorder
  • 2-inch color display
  • Up to 14 hours of autonomy
  • 64 GB memory
  • Ambarella H22 processor
  • H.265 compression algorithm
  • Exceptional microphone quality, even in noisy environments
  • Waterproof (IP66)
  • Shockproof outer case
  • LED flashlight
  • High-quality metal clip
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 60°C
  • Set includes: USB cable, charging base station, car charger, metal clip and shoulder clip.

Condition: Excellent condition